Jasa Inc Trade School

The Pre – Apprenticeship program is  multi-disciplinary program that aims to give students the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to proceed with Apprenticeships in the Electrician trade.

A strong emphasis on safety, including the Osha 10 certifications, will prepare the students to train with a variety of tools, techniques, and materials in well-equipped shops as they complete the curriculum. The program’s three terms of academic and technical training ensures that students are able to apply theoretical knowledge to practical application. 

Pre-Apprenticeship programs develop the required competencies to meet industry standards for Apprentice Electrician. Presentation of program content will draw heavily on: 1. Respecting others’ work and developing healthy work relationships that respect fellow workers in all trades. This instructional strategy will help to prepare the students to work collaboratively with other trades personal toward a common end result. 2. development of skills through practice, effort, action and patience. Instructors will seek to balance instructional methods through the use of learning labs and project–based learning assignments, in addition to conventional lectures. 3. Instructors will also promote an environment of inclusive participation through open dialogue and continuous feedback throughout the program. This instructional strategy draws upon a collaborative approach among students by forming working relationships with each other to collectively solve problems as they strive toward a common goal. Inuktitut will be the language of instruction wherever possible.

Learning Objectives

What will Jasa Inc Trade School deliver to their students:

Industry Standard Instruction

We teach relevant material in this ever evolving field of electricity. We teach prepare students for a successful career as a journeyman or master mechanic. We really love teaching future owners.

Live Instructor Chats

Having necessary guidance throughout the course is crucial. Most of our material is available online but our instructors and assistants are available via chat, cell, video and in person.

Lab Access

Lab has proven to be a crucial factor for success in the class. We dont demand attendance because we live in a post covid 19 world but we highly recommend any student to attend.

Video Demonstration & Instruction

Most of our instruction has been filmed and is available without limits at any students discretion online. We took about 3 months to film the class.

Resume Preparation

We have unique relationships with our ready to hire employers . Students also apply for jobs themselves. We assist in the process with keyworded resumes.

Hands On Training

JASA owns several properties. Our students benefit as a result of the properties that we own. This provides hands on irreplaceable experience.

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Quality Moments

Great moments with the electrical apprenticeship program