JASA Inc Interview on the after prison show on youtube

Last week before everything happened, we went out of town to go meet a guy named John who has a crazy prison story to tell. Probably one of the craziest I’ve ever heard involving why he got locked up. This guy is also doing some really awesome stuff since coming home. In this video, we share the 3 1/2 hr road trip up to Ferrari dealership land to meet him. Hope you enjoy.

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khalid mounsef

I like the location as well!
What they are providing at JASA Inc Trade School is good benefits for the community especially for the ones who had hard situation.

Bobby Smith

I really liked viewing this video because I was able to actually see what the trade school looks like. Being a current enrolled student of Jasa Inc, first starting out. I am excited to have this opportunity and be hands on. John’s story gives me hope that a fresh start is in my future. I can relate to his story and how things took a turn for the worst in my own life. I admire John’s hard work and determination to help others and teach them a trade skill that they can carry through life. I am so excited to be apart of this organization! Most importantly I absolutely love giving back, this is a great fit for me.

Derek Combs

I think John story is a success story. He never gave up and look how good he is doing today.

Ryan Briscoe

Very interesting stuff! I can tell that JASA is a lifesaver for people in difficult times who want to turn their lives around.

adam ciarpello

John went from prison to successful electrician! I’m hoping I can get the knowledge John has overtime.

Josue Garcia Pleitez

Johnny Appleseed Association is doing great work for the community!

Fredy Falla

I’ve only seen the Manassas location so it was cool to see one of the other places.

Leonel Martinez

I’m happy to see JASA reaching out a helping hand to anyone regardless of their past.

Robert Jones

John you’re a blessing! Im thankful for you and what you’re doing for your students as well as the community!

Richard Im

It was great seeing the building where many of the classes take place. For future students this video may be helpful because it can help them grow accustomed to the milieu in which they will be taking their respective courses.

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