Going to PRISON for selling DISNEY WORLD tickets


In this video, we hear the craziest story I’ve ever heard of why someone ever got locked up and sentenced to prison. John was arrested for selling Disney world tickets. And what he went through caused him to lose everything. But what he has accomplished since all of this is truly powerful. Hope you enjoy.

Video originally posted by: After Prison Show Youtube Channel

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That’s just awful how you got locked up! I think it’s amazing that you’ve rebuilt your life in such a good way.

Bobby Smith

I truly enjoyed watching this video and learning more about John Chapman and the Jasa Inc. This story breaks my heart and also gives hope to others. God Is Great! Thank you Mr. Chapman

khalid mounsef

it is amazing story to learn from. it is always hope, never give up and look ahead.

Derek Combs

I think it’s crazy how someone can go to jail for selling an item thats not illegal.

Elijah Amartey

This story is insane to be to be locked up for something so small and your entire life turned upside down and he flips it right back over and goes beyond.

Ryan Briscoe

To be locked up for so long over something so small is a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It’s both impressive and inspiring to see such a success born out of it, however.

adam ciarpello

After actually meeting you over the phone and talking to you, you’re really cool guy and I appreciate you leading me in the direction of electrical work.

Fredy Falla

I thought it was great how everything turned out for you after going through such an awful ordeal.

Leonel Martinez

Too feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and to come back better than before is for sure impressive, and a great example to anyone who feels like they can’t succeed because of their own issues with whatever

Robert Jones

John you have over come all your adversity. Your success story not only moves others, but goes to show that never giving up on yourself will always pay off! Congratulations.

Craig Erskins

Wow, John, I had no idea all you’d gone through! When I met you, I just thought you were a super successful, go-getter, decent guy, but this makes me think of you in a whole different way. I can’t wait to be in a position that I can pay it forward, too.

Richard Im

The fact that John went through similar situations that many of the students taking JASA courses have would help motivate the students because it shows that they too can overcome adversity to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

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